Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I know it seems a little late, but i still find it fresh in my memory...WoAH, Subaru is so attractive, and she look better than some other ballerinas...Well, It was alittle sad since her brother died...I had no control over my tears and they somehow 'spilled' out and rolled down my cheeks...Seriously, Notice the word SPILL,you know very clearly how I cried when she lost her dearest brother...Anyway, Happy ending...I am so glad I went to watch the movie.There and then, we went to the arcade NOT to Play, but to take neoprints...Looking at the ^^^ you know exactly how fun it was...Yea,time goes by vry quickly, and we left for causeway pt for more shopping...Haha, there wasnt much to say but I rmb that JN and I splashed water at Erina, and she chased after us...Outta the washroom, down the escalators, from 4th to 1st before we stopped playing...Thats about it...MY LIFE is full of entertainment isnt it?

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009
YunHo,Jaejoong,Kim Bum!,♥

After A Long and Tiring Day in School,I am back...Blogging!Words cannot describe my feelings right now...-Anticipated,Bewildered,Anxious,In Love....
Haha, You guys must be so curious who I am in love with? Tell you what, I have many 'crushes', not really crushes, it just happens that I love them SO MUCH!
Yunho!Jaejoong!Kim Bum!Kim Jeong Hoon!Lee Kwanghoon!Jang Geun Suk?! I think this are SOME of those I like...Anyway,YunJae ranks 1st in place,followed by Kim Bum....Love Ji Ah and So Eun too...I AM A KOREAN FREAK!!! GO Catch Cain And ABEL! Try it out!!!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look at Kim Bum...He is handsome and cool,am i right?OMG,I placed him second in line...He is going to act in another show but it is related to BOXING and I seriously hate violence.I still think he will look gd thr but I dun think I will watch if it happens to be something as Fierce as WWE...I rmb watching it when I was 10, just as i switched channels..I saw a guy being hitted with a chair?!I think that was it...Or was it when the guy was thrown off? I cried for him becos I was so afraid he will die...I hated the other fighter for being so mad at doing such things to him. My mum stopped me and soon TOLD ME THAT tHEY CHOSE their path...I can nvr imagine the pain, and i still wants to cry when I think of it...Oh gosh, I learnt such a meaningful lesson...Haha, Kim Bum, lets just wish he isnt acting like this...

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodness me! Months after months and I realised I neglected My BLOG!!!Many thing happened, and i don't know where to begin from...Main good news are:
1.)I somehow got into Maths Olympiad ...Great, I am going to study heuristic sums.
2.)Our Church organised A 'Colours Hutch' Youth Night Cafe on Good Fri...
3.)My Eng Tutor said My Eng is vry good!I am so Honoured...She said I made a significant improvement and I just needed to buck up to score high!!!!!!!!
4.)My maths Tutor actually gave my mum A Feedback form, and everything says Excellent except for a few such as' Able to grasp concepts readily'...I only got A Very Good.
5.)I got My Prize for being Praised by My tutors who had High Expectation for me...A New Handphone! God is so REAL, HE bestowed upon me( SE W705)...Best Gift this year...
6.)I bought a lot of DBSK cards,Yunho(maschismo and Handsomeness)Jaejoong(Handsomeness and Coolness)...I fell in Love with Kim Bum,Kim So Eun! Kim Bum is somehow called a CASSANOVA in "BBFS"...
7.) Tell you what... 1st ranking-Yunho and Jaejoong. 2nd-Kim Bum and Lee Ji Ah. 3rd-Kim So Eun and Kim Jeong Hoon. 4th-Lee Kwanghoon and Kim Hyun Joong. etc...Remember they are all koreans cos I am A Korean Freak...
8.) I think thats about it! Nth much to recall...Bygones now...Will post once I remember anything impt...
JESUS's Daughter-YQ...I am A FAN of DBSK...

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Friday, February 6, 2009
Happy Brithday Yunho!!!,♥

Happy Birthday Yunho!Oh my, their birthday comes and goes so quickly, I really have nth to say...Haha, dear me, I am tearing so horribly, probably caught a cold thats why...Sneezing again and again!Anyway, I would just say I wish them both...cos I would not put in too much effort for the other members...Oh well, I am so interested to know What will they be doing for his party...생일축하합니다Saengil Chuka Hamnida!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
The boy I lurv with MY Heart!,♥

This is the boy I loved so much, by the name of Hao Wen. Not including Jesus, my parent and grandparent, he is the person I would love, next to my closest kin.You know,all along, sometimes, your mum nags at admonish you, ur granddad grumbles about those little insy winsy things, and your friends are busy, you will be bored and lonely,(since I am the oldest and youngest). Of course, I go out with my mum every fri,sat,sun,and sometimes the whole week, but when u know u did sth really wrong, and tells ur mum, she screams at u...But think, will he?
Tell you this,frankly speaking,I treat him as my little dongsaeng, he calls me noona, and haha, that isnt what he calls me. He calls me that...in english...Trying to make things more interesting.Then comes her little sis, who will call him oppa next time.Then hyung,unni etc etc...Anyway, 28th was my dearest mum's birthday, just to tell u...Thank you for loving me, allowing Christ in my heart, and understanding me! saranghae...Omma!영어로 표현하시는게 어려우실거라는건 이해되지만 제가 한국어에 더 능숙해져서 어머니께서 그렇게 더이상느끼지 않으시길바랍니다.
너무나 사랑한다는 말을 드리고 싶고 최고의 딸이 되도록 최선을다하겠습니다,생신축하드립니다.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

O great, I remembered...It is Jaejoong's birthday today, Whoa!
Since it is such a beautiful day, I will just write more about him...

A Few Important things you need to know AB0UT Him...
-Religion:Christian(Wooha,I am one too)
-Fav Numbers:2 and 7( Oh my, me too!)

*Notes oF Him
-The best gift for him would be an international cookbook bcos he loves cooking. However, dont ever say "let's cook together!" bcos he would reject this sort of requests.
-He has a much slimmer waist compared to that of an average woman, making it seem like his back would break easily, so please do not hug him
-He has a habit of wearing an eye-cover to sleep
- Although he looks cold on the outside, he is filled with warmth deep inside, so please dont ever hurt him.
- He likes unique and unusual designs of underwear (o.O), so dont give him ordinary-looking ones bcos he will give them away to other members.
- Once he gets excited, he will tend to speak in dialects, so dont be shocked and frightened.
-Once, yunho and jaejoong had a fight. Changmin was so afraid of the arguments, he didn't dare to come between the two. Micky was nowhere to be seen. Junsu tried to interfere but the two kept on fighting verbally. With nothing else to do, Junsu hugged Yunho and pushed him away from Jaejoong. Yunho still won't bugged. Junsu was really helpless that he cried. Yunho and jaejoong saw him and stopped fighting.
-Jaejoong would always tease Changmin until the latter cried. When somebody asked him why the boy cried, he would tell them that junsu and changmin fought
-When asked who's the most popular, Junsu said that they're all popular in a different way. Him because he's perfect. Micky is populay because he's cute. Yunho because he's very manly. Changmin because he's nice. Hero because he's very pretty
-Jaejoong is the most emotional member in DBSG. He often cry while reading comics. But he seldom cries while watching shows because he said those shows were acted by real people, which give little space for imagination.
-Girls often sees Jaejoong as a sex symbol and his fans would give him T-Back as gifts.
-Jaejoong would want to marry a fan someday.
To All who likes DBSK, Read this!
Anyway, Happy Birthday Jaejoong oppa...Ew, real disgusting to call some1 I dunno.
Well, Just a word,"Happy Birthday", that is all.

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