Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hi all,sorry for not posting anything on my blog...Anyway,I have just too much things to post them,and of course you guys know what's gonna happen...Korean Freakness!!!
Aha,I just learnt to appreciate their music and hear them over and over again! Excluding their dressing-up(you know,the ear piercing thing and habits...)Tattoos if there is, I like their voice and looks...Hmm,I have to stop here so see you guys next time!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ah,well, I'm bored...Oh yeah, I forgot to disclose my secrets.Oh my, I went to watch Dong Bang Shin Ki's music video and somehow like them alot.There were some videos which gave me some doubts of their...erm, if they like the same gender, but I don't think so now.Haha...And...W0w! They looked really great,but they wear earrings, and so I can say nothing much about idolising them, becos I don't...Get this clear,I don't fancy things that isn't going according to my way, and I don't go all crazy for them,after all, we are the same in God's eye...Anyway,I was just thinking that maybe I should stop liking them due to the ear piercing thing...Ha, nvr mind that,so long ppl I like don't look too cool,e.g( earrings on guys, colourful and weird hairstyles,sexy backs etc) Coz I am an innocent one...Hahaha...I guess you guys must have burst out laughing at my folly, or you can say I am boastful...

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Guess what, I went to mysoju to watch Hana Yori Dango...Wow, I didn't like it at first, and for some reason,I used to dislike it because there was once i switched channel, and I watch Meteor Garden(Taiwanese version) for a moment.I was pretty upset that the Domyouji lost his memory and fell in love with other girl.Aha,if I remembered correctly,from comparing the two stories, I am sure they are a little different.Both shows are alright, but the reason I continued watching was because I love Nee-chan(Tsubaki) and Hanazawa Rui.Oh, not to forget the girls, and i think her name is Shizuka(in show)and another,Shigeru.

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Aha, sorry, I went a little overboard in exposing too much of my pictures...Haha...
Wei xin, relax as u cheez!Jessica,keep it up..Way to go!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ello guys, back to my Korean freakness...Haha,you know what?The episode for Beethoven virus is gonna end soon,and I am looking forward to it.Well,I do enjoy looking at how Myung Min behaves in the show...Anyway, I have nothing against him or for him, so lets talk about JGS and LJA. Take a look at this pictures, don't you think that if the show really ends out that JGS is meant for LJA, everyone is going to love it? Okay, happy ending?Boring...No, even after she turns deaf and maybe recover and Gun woo(Jr)was there and he was always helping her and, oh well,Durumi will be touched!In any case, they look very compatible right?

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OH MY!!!The trip to Escape theme park with my Youth group friends was extremely fun and thrilling. You know, I am somehow pretty afraid of height,and, a trip to such places? Aha, that's a way,no-no!Well, I admitted, I didn't board the rides like the INVERTER, Flipper(It wasn't scary),Wet and Wild,etc...but at least the roller coaster, flyer?You can call that a breeze producer too, and haunted house, the worst part of all!!! My goodness, XingYi, you watch out, if i am gonna get any nightmares like that so on and so forth...Ha Evangelyn Lim XingYi, you are in deep trouble.I tried to join her there, but when it was about our turn, I wanted to back off.Back off? or is it back out?Forget it, nalify...lecture...Bombastic words.Anyway, this girl, XingYi dragged me in, no,persuaded me. Then, Sheralyn,a little girl in my church, Shayden's sister,Aunty May, Xingyi and me went in.Arrgh, words cannot describe.Check them out yourself.I had so much fear in there.Thank goodness, I didn't bother to look at the ghost.This is my first, and last too. I scream once, whereas the XingYi, who told Haunted House won't be too scary,screamed at least 10 times. okay, i will stop badmouthing you or you will be hurt by my sarcasm. Erm, the ghosts didn't touch me, but touch them. I tried running, but someone was pulling me, sheralyn, xing yi? Never mind that, I pulled them and ran instead, thank God, aunty may wasn't scared and continued to go about there. Alright, my mum is just behind me, and I better be going. Well, just to tell you, I will write more about it soon, remember, those who aren't afraid will be. This isn't normal ghosts as Halloween is coming.Try the new one now, you will understand me.

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