Friday, October 31, 2008

OMG!!!Suzini...She looked like a the cherry blossom in Japan, don't you think so?How about DuRuMi?Beethoven virus and Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi got me so in love with her.I am not a les,and I don't idolise someone, but it is just that I was mesmerized by her beauty,how about you? The rest of my time blogging I will write about her, so if you don't really like her then blot out...Blot out?Sorry, no offense.Kindly click the hate me button and visit other webs instead.I am a nice person, so if you wanna look out for more of my posts,I don't mind...Don't anyone be silly,you know what?Today I visited my class blog and saw someone named I-PIN-CHAN who spam the whole cbox.Count me out if u wanna spam cos if i catch you, you are in deep trouble.Don't believe me? You watch out.Anyway, God bless all of you guys.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OMG, Look at JGS, he look great, right? When Hwang JiYi(show)was on channel U, i saw him in it, playing the role of suave and young guy, Eun Hu. I could not believe that he was Eun Hu, the boy I saw in the show, looking so good.Anyway,soon after I learnt about him acting in this show,I went to watch the show once more. Do you know i cried repeatedly for countless times over the death of Eun Hu, and how Jin Yi reacted? I admit, not countless,but every time I watch that part, I start to cry...Well, as for Bethoven virus, I can only say that i am utterly disappointed with the way it ends, erm, how can JGS not get the female leading star in the show?

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Well, this is me and my friend...All you know is that I m a girl, age 13 etc...However, I m gonna make u guys know more about me. Who cares,I mean, what has it got to do with you anyway?But you are visiting my blog, so shut up and hear what I ve to say. Sorry, I am somehow rude,but you have eyes to see what I wrote, right?Now, I will begin with my special introduction.After spending almost a month on blogging, I can finally tell you more about me.Name? Forget it, age? You know, so we go on to hobbies, character etc...I am once a choir member in my primary school, now not, but that does not mean I don't like singing anymore.Oh yes, dancing...I just can't forget the good times I had with my church pals,TAMBOURINE DANCE!!!Another thing, I like dolling myself up, don't get the wrong idea, but i enjoy picking my outfits and adorn myself with accessories, nice one...Oh, of course, if I say this, do not get angry with me, I will tell my mum or whosoever(I dunno if there is this word

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Remember them?Jin Yi and Eun Hu(JGS)...I always feel very sad about their fate and destiny that brought them together and pulled them apart.I don't deny that I watch the show because of JGS, but I somehow like Ha Ji Won too.The story brought me tears and sorrow, as though I could feel their pain.Eun Hu was Jin Yi's first love, whom she loved with all her heart, and who loved her deeply, but due to their status and backgrounds,they were disapproved of being together.A good-looking scholar marrying a pretty courtesan,and the heartache they had suffered together.Eun Hu and Jin Yi were both forced and somehow, they cant elope or leave due to their present circumstances.Believe me, putting myself in their shoes and understanding them makes me cry, you may really find that quite funny, but I just can't stop feeling for them.This misery caused Jin Yi to hate Eun Hu, who was apologetic and really wanted to live with Jin Yi. I will further write more the nexttime, but just to tell you, Eun Hu's tragedy brought Jin Yi much hatred and anger.He died in the end, causing Jin Yi to hate her mistress who taught her dance, and too felt extremely sorry about that.Perhaps, that is how they had to take with them in life,which is seriously unfair to them...

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

OMG!!!This isn't what I really want...Oh,I am stunned for words,how can they do this to this sweet-looking and adorable guy?!I can't figure out what is wrong,but this is totally ridiculous,a big mess.I am trying to act nonchalant,but, well, words cannot describe.Do you know what, JGS can even lose out to Myung Min?How is that possible?Producer, you surely have spoilt my whole mood, for a few days, and i won't forget it...Can u actually believe Du Ru Mi likes Kang Mae(Maestro)?Oh,poor JGS, such hurt is afflicted on you! I seriously learnt how to emote, so stop making me angry!!! I am feeling terrible about this little drama...Producer, would you change the ending so that Gun Woo would be loved once again by Ru Mi?Will you?Good looking guy, how I wish I can produce a show for JiAh and you to act, but this is nuts for me to do so. I ve better plans for my future etc...I am pretty upset aout this so DON'T MESS WITH ME!

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Hi all, I am real bored. Let me tell u about another drama i love most, other than Beethoven virus.Ha, Hwanwoong and Sai'Ao(SaeOh), the two who won the best couple award. Oh my, the show is...FANTASTIC!
Well, i like every part of this show, except the fact
KiHa(QiHe)actually got Damdeok's love. I mean, although, that love was not real like how Hwanwoong loved SaeOh, but it is a matter of fact. Little of liking for that horrible
KaJin is the end of story.The ending isn't that nice too...Like i have said, producers are mad sometimes, lets not be bothered with them.Suzini(XiuZhiNi), the dark pheonix mistress,looked great in that show. I do prefer her with long hair,like the ex-SaeOh.Aother person i like other than this two is Cheoro. He is Gwanmi Fortress governor.And, wow, he speaks english fluently.Well, graduated from George Boston University in USA. Cool, yea? Aha, Philip, a talented star...

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Hmm...Who do u think will go with Du Ru Mi? Kang Gun Woo no.1 or Kang Gun Woo no.2?
Of course, we sincerely hope Gun Woo goes with Ru Mi, the handsome trumpeter and the pretty violinist.However, as far as i know, Producers like to try something new. Their ideas and thoughts are exactly different from us. We tends to get a sense of satisfaction and contentment, but they expects more. Thrilling, Suprising, crazy? I totally agree.
MM vs GS...Who do u think will win her heart?I seriously got so in love with this two partners, and of course, I would not wish the ending to be different from what i thought. Young and still fresh, i believe u understand me. Neither of us had started working, and we are still immature.Maybe in life sometimes, we think we have fully grown and become an adult, however, it is not what we think.The open world must be full of cruelty, fear and betrayal.That must be the reason why producers think so differently, we are worlds apart...

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lee JiAh transform herself into a violinist as soon as she got to act in Beethoven virus. In this korean drama, together with Jang Geun Suk, the good looking trumpeter, they had become the best partners in music.Du Ru Mi(Lee JiAh) looks sweet looking and gentle on the outside, but she had a tomboyish style in her.The conductor(Kim Myung Min), who also share the same name as the trumpeter, Gun Woo Kang, is a stubborn and self righteous guy. He never think of his wrong and had a terrible Attitude problem.Although he is an elite workaholic,he lost to another conductor who started conducting after him. Together, they formed a love triangle.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lovable JiAh...She has become famous overnight in the
Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi. The Legend turning a point in life..

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